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Santorini: Spots, Prices and Tips | Lugares Populares, Precios y Recomendaciones

From Folegandros to Santorini (Thira) we took a ferry. Ferries schedules can be found at Prices may vary between 8€ and 60€. From Athens and other islands that have an airport like Mykonos, you can also take a plane. The line with which we flew from Athens to Milos is called The more in advance you buy your tickets, the cheaper the fares are and in low season it is cheaper also.

De Folegandros a Santorini (Thira) tomamos un ferry. Los horarios de los ferries los pueden encontrar en Los precios pueden variar entre 8 y 60€. Desde Atenas y otras islas que tienen aeropuerto como Mykonos, tambien se puede tomar un avion. La linea con la que volamos de Atenas a Milos se llama Si compras tus vuelos a tiempos y en temporada baja te sale mas economico. 


The photos that you see above, are from the view from the ferry when you arrive at the island. It was one of the most incredible views of my vacation. When you arrive at the port of Santorini it can be very stressful because you are called from everywhereto go with them or stay at their hotel. There are a lot of people and finding the bus was not easy. The bus takes you to Fira and in Fira you can take the bus to Oia. The buses have this name in the front ΚΤΕΛ

Las fotos que ven arriba, es la vista desde el ferry al llegar a las isla. Fue una de las vistas mas increibles de mis vacaciones. Cuando llegas al puerto de Santorini puede ser muy estresante ya que por todos lados alguien te llama para que te vallas con ellos o te quedes en su hotel. Hay mucha mucha gente y encontrar el bus no fue nada facil. El bus te lleva hasta Fira y en Fira puedes tomar el bus hasta Oia. Los buses tienen este nombre enfrente ΚΤΕΛ

We booked our apartment through, it’s called Stelios Rooms and it costs 80€ a night. The price may vary depending on the season. The room was fine but not clean enough for my liking. The nightmare was the bathroom, since the shower had no division and every time we took a bath, everything got wet and the water did not come down and the bathroom was always wet. We had to borrow a mop to dry it each time. The two photos below show the view from the room.

Reservamos nuestro apartamento por, se llama Stelios Rooms y cuesta 80 la noche. El precio puede variar dependiendo la temporada. La habitacion estaba bien pero no lo suficientemente limpia para mi gusto. La pesadilla fue el baño, ya que la ducha no tenia division y cada vez que nos bañabamos se mojaba todo y el agua no bajaba y todo el baño siempre estaba mojado. Tuvimos que pedir prestado un suaper (fregona, trapeador) para secarlo cada vez. Las dos fotos de abajo muestran la vista desde la habitacion.

We arrived at Oia during the sunset, a very good first impression. We bought something at the supermarket and ate on the balcony of the apartment. The next day in the morning we got up early to take pictures without the crowds and queuing up. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there will not be other people taking pictures at that time. In such popular places this is very common.

Llegamos a Oia durante el atardecer, una muy buena primera impresion. Compramos algo en el supermercado y comimos en el balcon del apartamento. Al otro dia en la mañana nos levantamos temprano para tomarnos fotos sin las multitudes haciendo filas. Claro esto no significa que no va a haber otras personas tomandose fotos a esa hora. En lugares tan populares esto es muy comun.

The first place we went to was the Kastro Oia Houses, which is the famous orange house. Here you can also rent rooms but the prices are very high.

El primer lugar al que fuimos fue el Kastro Oia Houses, que es la famosa casa naranja. Aqui tambien se pueden rentar habitaciones pero los precios son muy altos.

After this place we went down the steps that were in the front of Kastro, these steps lead to a small port called Ammoudi Bay, until we got to a staircase to the right that connects to other hotels. We loved the beautiful view and decided to take pictures.

Despues de este lugar bajamos un poco por la escalera que esta enfrente que llega al pequeño puerto, que se llama Ammoudi Bay,  hasta que llegamos auna escalera a la derecha que conecta a otros hoteles. Ahi aprovechamos la hermosa vista y tomamos fotos.

We didn’t make it to the port in the days that we were there. But I have seen many pictures and it looks very beautiful.

Nosotros no logramos bajar hasta el puerto en los dias que estuvimos ahi. Pero he visto muchas fotos y se ve muy lindo.

As we got up very early, you don’t see many people in the photos, but afterwards it was almost impossible to walk. To relax a little we decided to try the ice cream from the popular ice cream parlor Lolita’s. A S size scoop costs 2.50€ .

Como nos levantamos muy temprano, no ven muchas personas en las fotos, pero despues era casi imposible caminar. Para relajarnos un poco decidimos probar los helados de la popular heladeria Lolita’s. Una bola tamaño S cuesta 2,50.

The first day we spent it walking in Oia until shortly before sunset. As our apartament was not far away, we decided to go to change since the nights on the islands are cool. Then we went to the Old Castle, which is where you have the best view of the sunset. There were many people looking for a place to enjoy the most beautiful moment of the day. We arrived an hour before in the Old Castle, so we found a good place in the front. Take drinks and food with you, since you are going to sit there for hours most likely, like everyone else.

El primer dia nos la pasamos caminando por Oia hasta poco antes de el atardecer. Como nuestro apatarmento no estaba lejos, decidimos ir a cambiarnos ya que las noches en las islas son frescas. Despues fuimos al viejo castillo (Old Castle), que es donde se tiene la mejor vista del atardecer. Habia muchisima gente buscando un lugar para disfrutar del momento mas hermoso del dia. Nosotros llegamos una hora antes al viejo castillo, asi que encontramos un buen lugar enfrente. Lleva bebidas y comida, ya que lo mas probable es que estes ahi sentado por horas como todos los demas.

Those were our first days in Santorini. In the next blogpost, I will continue telling you more about our days in Greece.

Esos fueron nuestros primeros dias en Santorini. En la proxima publicacion les seguire contando mas sobre nuestros dias en Grecia.


The best of Folegandros

Folegandros is my favorite Greek island after Milos. After checking out of our hotel in Milos, we went around noon to eat something in the port of Adamas, which is the town where we stayed in Milos. When it was time to go, the ferry wasn’t in the port. It happened often that ferries had delays but on that the day we had to wait more than 4 hours in the cold and arrived around two in the morning in Folegandros. Be prepared for this, if you go island hopping in Greece. The best site to find out the prices and options of the ferries is

We stayed in a town called Karavostasis, where the ferries arrive and stayed in Coral Apartments. The owner was really kind and always ready to help.

Not far from our hotel was a rent a car called Spyros. We had to rent a quad to move around the island because it gave us more flexibility. Quads cost from 25 to 30 euros and cars from 25 and upwards. They always want to see if your license allows you to drive quads and they were really strict about this.DSC_0671Starving and eager to explore the island, we took off with our quad to the Chora of Folegandros, where most restaurants and stores are. It was not easy to pick a place to eat breakfast then every spot looked so beautiful and the food options looked all sooo delicious. We decided to eat in a little restaurant in the main plaza of the Chora called Nicolas Michailidis. They had a lot of different smoothies, juices, and breakfast menus. We picked the right one then the breakfast was perfect!

The day was beautiful and we decided to walk around the Chora. In every corner, the white houses with colorful doors, stairs and windows caught our eye and some houses had huge bougainvilleas in different colors in the front.DSC_0749DSC_0755DSC_0774DSC_0781DSC_0783DSC_0761After our walk, we wanted a relaxing day by the beach and drove back to Karavostasis to take a boat to Katargo Beach. There is no shade there so everyone in our boat bought an umbrella in a shop by the port. We didn’t know that but it was not that bad because it was windy and not that warm on that day. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon just reading and sleeping by the beach. Don’t forget to bring snacks and water, there are no shops!DSC_0676

After our trip, we drove back to our hotel to change into warmer clothes. At night it gets really cold and windy in the time of September and October, which was the time when we were there.

We decided to eat in a restaurant called the Blue Cuisine in the Chora, which is known as the best restaurant in Folegandros. Sadly it was closed. Going in the low season to Greece has its disadvantages too then a lot of stores and restaurants were closed in the islands.

After checking our adviser TripAdvisor (haha) we picked a cute looking restaurant with a great rating called Eva’s Garden. The food is fresh and picked from the garden next to the restaurant. Our dishes were delicious and the service really friendly.

The best way to end our day was seeing the Chora at night full of life. They were people talking and having a good time, kids playing and laughing and the atmosphere was lovely.DSC_0838

Don’t forget to visit the Church of Panagia in Chora. The best time of the day to go is before sunset, you will love the view.DSC_0681DSC_0692DSC_0721DSC_0716DSC_0706DSC_0687

A beach that you can’t miss is the Agios Georgios but its nudism friendly. There is a small beach before where more nudists are. In Agios Georgios, there were only two. I really recommend the small restaurant in Agios Georgios, the fresh fish was so delicious and the waitress so nice. DSC_0796DSC_0790

Our next stop was Santorini! It’s not high on my list and I’ll tell you why in my next blog post…

Must-see spots in Milos

Milos is my favorite island of the Cyclades! My husband and I stayed in Milos for three nights. We flew from Athens to Milos in the morning and the flight was really short.

On our first day in Milos we went to Klima, which is a traditional fishing village with colorful balconies and doors. To get there you can either walk or rent a car or a quad. We walked there from a town nearby called Trypiti. But it was so hot and the road was so bad that I don’t recommend to walk. Plus, if you take a car/quad you will save time.DSC_0031DSC_0047The next spot on our list was Plaka, which is the capital of the island. We planned to watch the sunset from the beautiful church Panagia Thalassitra, but when we arrived it was impossible to find a parking lot. We had to park really far and then run to see the sunset. The view was worth the hike and stress though.

After you watch the sunset, you can walk around Plaka and eat delicious food afterward.DSC_0139On the next day, we woke up early to go to Sarakiniko. The most beautiful beach in Milos in my opinion. Greyish-white volcanic rocks with incredible shapes make this beach different from the others. We went to Sarakiniko to watch the sunset too and it was one of the most incredible and surreal moments of my life.DSC_0493DSC_0516

If you want to see perfect blue and clear water surrounded by cute little houses Fyropotamos is the place for you. In the late afternoon, the light isn’t good. So be sure to get there before, if you want to take a good photo. Don’t miss the cute little traditional church!DSC_0538Foto 1 (1 von 1)-6Another beach that you can’t miss is Papafragas. A few meters away is Papafragos, the ancient town of Phylakopi. The buildings and tombs of this town are now almost entirely covered by the ocean. Papafragas Beach used to be a cave underneath the ancient Greek town of Phylakopi. The water has a beautiful turquoise color. You can go down to the beach if you take a tiny path. Be prepared for the strong wind and be careful not to trip.DSC_0618DSC_0636Another spot that we visited was Mandrakia, a small fishing village not far away from Plaka. The “syrmata” (boat garages) are in different shades of blue as well as the boats in front of them. It was perfect for me, then I love blue!Foto 1 (1 von 1)-39 (2)DSC_0318The last places that we visited were Firiplaka and Kleftiko. These two beautiful places are on the same side of the island, that’s why I recommend to visit them on the same day. Other amazing beaches on this side of the island are Tsigrado, Provatas and Paleochori. We didn’t make it to these ones though but have seen incredible photos of them.

We went around 09:00am to Firiplaka and stayed there until 10:30am. We had to be before 11:00am in Kipos to take a boat tour to Kleftiko. Our tour was with Delfinia Boat Tours and you can buy your ticket in the restaurant by the parking lot for 18€. It may cost more in summer. Excursions take place every day at 11:00am until 14:30pm and sometimes at 15:00pm until 18:30pm. The way to Kleftiko is beautiful and you will never forget the incredible crystal turquoise water.DSC_0161DSC_0261DSC_0264DSC_0239




We finally made it to Greece! I wanted to go to Greece since I was a little girl. I saw beautiful white and blue houses in a book once and thought it couldn’t be that a place like that really existed. Greece is even better than I imagined and I saw as much as I could in three weeks.

The first stop was Athens. We flew from Munich direct to Athens and stayed in a hotel not far from the Acropolis. The room of the hotel was too small and the bathroom floor was always wet. Be extremely careful when you book rooms! Look at different sites for the same hotel that you want to stay in so that you can find different offers and different photos of the room. In the photos rooms sometimes look bigger and nicer than there really are. We all know this but sometimes we forget to double check.

We arrived in the afternoon and until we finally got to our hotel and checked in, it was already around sunset time. The light in the city was beautiful and the streets full of life.

Foto 1 (1 von 1)-11
Foto 1 (1 von 1)-12We took a train straight to the Monastiraki Market, which is in the old town of Athens and from there walked to a restaurant, that had a really good rating on TripAdvisor, called Lithos. It became a habit for us, to look for restaurants and their rating. Of course, everyone is different and that means that if you found a restaurant bad, I may find it good. We just looked to be sure that the restaurants weren’t a complete disaster.

The food at Lithos was delicious and the cheapest one that we had in our three weeks in Greece. The waitresses were so polite and nice.

After we ate, we walked through the streets and then took the train to our hotel. There was a lot going on but we never felt insecure.

Foto 1 (1 von 1) (2)

On the next day, we woke up really early and went straight to the Acropolis. We weren’t the only ones with the same idea though. The Acropolis was packed with people! Some say it’s better to go in the afternoon because it’s hotter and therefore it’s less going on. But it was already really hot in the morning and I didn’t want to find out how hot it would have been in the afternoon.

We (me and my husband) thought that the ticket for the Acropolis was expensive (20€ per person), so if you have the time or if you want to see a lot in one day, I recommend you to buy the special package ticket for 30€. It includes the Acropolis (the Parthenon and the Erechtheion) with its north and south slopes, as well as some of the other main archaeological sites in Athens (such as Hadrian’s Library, the Ancient Agora, the Roman Agora, Archaeological Site of Lykeion). The special ticket does NOT include the Acropolis Museum or any other museum in Athens.


Foto 1 (1 von 1)-19

After seeing the Acropolis we went to Anafiotika. A neighborhood with beautiful houses and alleys.

Foto 1 (1 von 1)-17

From Anafiotika we walked to Plaka, one of the oldest parts of Athens. I loved it there!

Foto 1 (1 von 1)-18

From a historical place to another. It was so interesting and impressive!

At 05:30pm we had a reservation at 360 cocktail bar. You have to make a reservation, then everyone wants to see the sunset from this bar. The view of Athens and the Acropolis is incredible. This was the perfect way to end our last day in Athens.

Foto 1 (1 von 1)-25

On the next day with flew to Milos! You can take a ferry too, all the information you need is on

My next blog post will be about the must-see places in Milos, you won’t want to miss it!